Secure Traffic FAQ
What is Secure Traffic?

Secure Traffic is a security app that lets you control who can access your site. You can create traffic rule to block or redirect visitors from your site.

How can I block or redirect visitors?

In order to block/redirect visitors, you need to create traffic rule and rule triggers. Traffic rule decides what action to take when one of the rule trigger is activated. Rule trigger can match visitors by IP address, referrer, or country.

What is a referrer?

A referrer identifies the address of the web site that linked to your site. If your site is linked on Facebook and someone clicked on that link, the referrer will likely include '' in it.

What is the difference between Block and Redirect?

Blocking a user will empty out your site's page or display a block message when a visitor matches your Rule Trigger.
Redirect will take the user to the URL specified in the redirect rule.

What happens after I reach my monthly visits quota?

In the event that your quota is reached, we will inform you via email. You can choose to either upgrade your plan or deprecate some of your logs data and Traffic Rules.

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